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$170 – Standard Service

$230 – Full Service, includes pitch adjustment.

$350 – Premier, includes Full Service plus minor Action Calibration and light Tone Adjustment.

Piano tuning is key to maintaining your piano in top condition. 

During this visit we will:

  • Precisely tune your piano
  • Adjust the pedals
  • Tighten piano bench bolts
  • Clean the keys
  • Evaluate the overall condition of your instrument

Maintenance / Repairs

$95 service call (first hour)

$80 hourly service rate 

Whether it’s fixing sticky keys, snapped strings or other major repairs, we want to return your piano to its best.

All repairs will be evaluated and discussed before performing any work.  A secondary appointment may be required due to ordering of parts or time involved for the work.

Standard repair work:

  • Sticking Keys
  • String Replacement
  • Hammer Repairs
  • Damper Alignment

Deep Cleaning

$150 – Upright

$200 – Grand

A piano is more than an instrument; it’s a masterpiece that requires attention and maintenance. 

This service includes removing dust, polishing the exterior, and much more:

  • Dust removal
  • Thorough interior and exterior cleaning
  • Cleaning the metal plate
  • Exterior shine to refresh the cabinet’s luster
  • Detailing the piano’s internal mechanics
  • Exclusive soundboard and tuning pin care for grand pianos

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